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  1. Double Helix magazine

    1. What age is Double Helix suitable for?

      Double Helix is designed for children aged 8 to 14 years. Younger and older children also enjoy Double Helix. Many adults enjoy it too, either from interest in science news or as a resource for teaching and parenting.

    2. How often does Double Helix come out?

      Double Helix is published eight times a year (approximately every six weeks). Issue dates are: 15 January, 1 March, 15 April, 1 June, 15 July, 1 September, 15 October, 1 December.

    3. What is the ISSN for Double Helix?

      The print ISSN is 2204-9010 and the digital ISSN is 2653-3936.

  2. New print subscribers

    1. Can I buy a sample copy to see if it’s suitable?

      Yes. Single copies are available at CSIRO Publishing. Alternatively, email or call 1300 788 000.

    2. Can I give a subscription as a gift?

      Yes. When you purchase the subscription, simply provide the recipient's name and address when prompted. The subscription will be in the recipient's name and go to their address.

    3. Can two or more children share a subscription?

      Yes. Just provide their first names as, for example, "Mia and Felix".

    4. I prefer not to pay by credit card. How can I purchase a subscription?

      Please email or call 1300 719 623 and we will assist with your order.

    5. My school/institution needs an invoice to process the payment. How do I obtain an invoice?

      To obtain an invoice, email or call 1300 719 623 with your subscription order details. CSIRO Publishing's ABN is 4168 7119 230. Double Helix subscriptions are GST exempt.

  3. My print subscription

    1. When will I receive the first issue?

      Your subscription will begin with the next issue. (See issue dates above). If you wish to purchase the current issue or a back issue, please visit CSIRO Publishing.

    2. My magazine has not arrived. What do I do?

      Please email or call 1300 719 623 and we will investigate the problem.

    3. How can I find out details of my subscription?

      Please email your enquiry to or phone 1300 719 623.

    4. How do I find out my subscriber number?

      Your subscriber number appears on the paper flysheet that comes with your magazine. If you do not have that, please email or call 1300 719 623.

    5. How do I change the address my magazine goes to?

      Provide your recipient's name and subscriber number along with the previous address and the new address in an email to or phone 1300 719 623.

  4. Renewing a print subscription

    1. How do I renew my subscription?

      You will need the recipient's name and subscriber number to renew online. If you need assistance, please email or call 1300 719 623.

    2. Can I change my address when I renew online?

      No, for privacy reasons you must email or phone 1300 719 623. You will need to provide your recipient's name and subscriber number along with the previous address and the new address.

    3. Why doesn't the online system recognise my subscriber name and number?

      Please email or call 1300 719 623 and we will investigate the problem.

    4. I purchased my first subscription through a subscription agency. Do I need to use the agency again to renew my subscription?

      No. You can renew your subscription directly with us online or with your renewal notice.

  5. Digital subscriptions

    1. Can I subscribe to a digital edition of the magazine?

      Digital subscriptions and singles issues of Double Helix are available through resellers including Zinio [external link] and iSubscribe [external link]. Visit our Digital Subscriptions page for more information. 

    2. Can libraries subscribe to the magazine?

      Schools and public libraries can subscribe through Zinio and their partners including Overdrive.
      Public libraries also have the option of subscribing through Flipster from EBSCO.
      Contact your preferred supplier for more details.

    3. I need help with my digital purchase, who do I contact?

      Sales and supply of digital subscriptions and issues are handled by our distribution partners, so if you have any questions please contact the retailer you have purchased from in the first instance.

  6. Other products

    1. What is Double Helix Extra?

      Double Helix Extra is Double Helix magazine’s free fortnightly email with a quiz, brainteaser, news and a hands-on activity. It includes content first published on our website. You can sign up using this online form

    2. Where can I purchase Double Helix books?

      Double Helix books including Hands-on Science, More Hands-on Science and Puzzles and Projects can be purchased from the CSIRO Publishing website.

  7. Accessibility

    1. Website accessibility

      We strive to provide an accessible web presence for all our readers. To support this commitment, we comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA.

      We are committed to continually improving our website and published content to meet web accessibility standards.

      If you wish to report an issue related to accessibility on the CSIRO Double Helix website, please contact