6 Reasons

to use Double Helix magazine in your classroom

  1. Double Helix inspires future scientists: 84 per cent of our readers* are more interested in science than before they started reading Double Helix
  2. Our magazine is published by CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, and curated by STEM qualified editors
  3. We bridge the gap between textbooks and the real world, reporting on the very latest STEM research
  4. Our comics and puzzles make great extension material for students, and you can decorate your classroom with our posters
  5. Each issue is packed with tried, tested and FUN hands-on activities, using materials you can find at school or home
  6. We interview top Australian scientists, so your students can hear from the source

* Based on results of the 2020 Double Helix reader survey

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Why Double Helix is the #1 science magazine in Australia

And as I read through the two editions of Double Helix, published by CSIRO, I was thoroughly impressed with the detail within each article, as well as the learning opportunities they present to students.

Each issue is based around a particular theme; for example, we received Issue 44 (themed around Optical Illusions) and Issue 45 (themed around Robots) which I believe is a fantastic way to tailor these magazines for student learning as it can support educators to utilize these magazines as an inquiry unit resource.

I also love how this magazine supports student voice by allowing for student writers to be involved in the writing process - a great opportunity for your students to engage in an authentic learning experience in an inquiry unit!

Fi Morrison, STEM | ED Magazine


A sneak preview of our upcoming themes* to help you plan ahead!

  • NAIDOC (1 June)
  • National Science Week: species survival (15 July)
  • Natural disasters (1 September)


*Upcoming themes subject to change without notice


Double Helix blog

Looking for interesting science, technology, engineering and maths ideas? For our latest news, hands-on activities, quizzes and brainteasers, visit the Double Helix blog.

There is plenty of free content that can be used at school or home to support learning. Posts can be searched by subject (e.g. biological sciences, chemical sciences, maths, etc.) Look out for the ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ on each post to help you group the content you’re after.

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Double Helix magazine

Packed with fun, exciting and quality articles, Double Helix magazine is created to inspire young readers at home. It covers a range of topics across science, technology, engineering and maths. Subscriptions can be purchased on the subscribe page.

Education resources

The CSIRO Publishing education showcase features great options for young children, high schoolers and beyond.

Teachers' notes for a selection of books are available online.

Or visit our Children’s category page to explore non-fiction and picture books.

Why choose Double Helix magazine?

Perfect for ages 8 - 14

Developed by experienced editors

Engaging and motivating

84% of readers become more interested in science

Get hands-on, ask science questions, and win prizes!

Fi Morrison, STEM | ED Magazine


I was thoroughly impressed

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