Lost in space

Behold the wonders of the night sky with an easy-to-build planetarium! This kit is fully customisable so you can see exactly what constellations should be visible on a clear night. Simply orient the base plate in line with the poles (North and South), then enter your coordinates and the date and time to reveal your very own celestial sphere. (If you don’t know your coordinates, just ask the internet!)

Planetarium kit, blue half sphere, marked with constellations, suspended on a frame above a light.Professor plums logo with

For your chance to win a Creator Planetarium from Professor Plums (, follow this decision tree by choosing an answer at each branch. It will help you imagine where you’re lost in space! You can arrive at any one of the six destinations, depending on the decisions you make. Send us a drawing of your answer.

a decision tree: Imagine you'er lost in our solar system - are you on a planet? if yes, are you on a gas giant or a terrestrial planet? if gas giant, are you on the largest or the coldest planet? largest starts with J, coldest starts with N. otherwise, if you're on a terrestrial planet, are you on the hottest or smallest planet? the hottest starts with a V, the smallest starts with an M. Otherwise, if you're not on a planet, are you orpiting Earth? orbiting Earth starts with M not orbitin Earth starts with S

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